When i am afraid i put my faith in you.
- Psalm 56:3
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I can tell him
about my day
and my fears
and what I long for
in life in about
10 years.

I can tell him
about my favorite song
and what I eat at 3 am
when I can’t sleep
and what
my favorite movie
on Netflix is.

I can tell him
about my family problems
and why it is
that I’m scared
of losing people
and why it is
I can’t text people first.

I can tell him
about why
scary movies
make me jumpy
and why
I hate my sister
and why I hate
public speaking.

I can tell him
about how much
I used to love you
and he’ll listen
without laughing at me,
the way you would’ve.

But I couldn’t
ever tell you
any of this.
Because you didn’t
belong to me.

And I’m sorry
it took me
so long
to realize that.

You deserve someone
who can take
your hurtful jokes
and’ll laugh with you.
Someone who’ll
look at you
and think there’s
no one better,
like the way
I used to look
at you.
Someone who’ll
text you back
at 3 am
since I obviously
couldn’t stay up for that.
Someone who’ll
be as emotionally closed
as you,
so you don’t
hurt her either.

I miss you,
but I can’t
cry over you

I thought
I’d only be able
to love you
but I’m smiling
in pictures with him too.

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There is no such thing as the perfect Christian, or even “the Christian who has it all together”. We are not Christ. Only He is perfect. I feel this is so important though, because we compare our walk with other people’s and it leaves us feeling disappointed in ourselves. God wants to use YOU where YOU are at. We all sin. We all have bad habits.

Remember that you are a work in progress, so go easy on yourself.